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Virtual desktop in Windows

Quite often than not people are multi-tasking. Doing that you tend to have a feeling of segregating windows specific to separate tasks. Linux world have the concept of virtual desktop since time immemorial but Mr. Gates still doesn’t look upon … Continue reading

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BluXone (Blu-Zone) goes beta

Itís a cool new application that letís you mark certain files on your phone as public, and then people around you can search for and download those files over Bluetooth, without you having to send them each time. Add to … Continue reading

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Amazing Twirling Tower Could Power Itself and Ten Others – Includes VIDEO

A noob architect decides that he’s obviously the best guy to revolutionize office buildings and, next thing you know, he’s designed a wind-powered rotating skyscraper. While the technical details of the wind-power system are sketchy at best, the architect, David … Continue reading

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Linux: 2.6.22-rc1, You Name It, It’s There

Linus: Architecture updates, drivers, filesystems, networking, security, build scripts, reorganizations, cleanups.You want a new firewire stack? We’ve got it. New wireless networking infrastructure? Check. New infiniband drivers? Digital video drivers? A totally new CPU architecture (blackfin)? Check, check, check. read … Continue reading

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A few cool utilities

Windows resume copy file(s) blues: Wonder how many time you would have tried copying a LARGE folder and almost when everything is copied Windows shouts a dialog box on your face saying that it cannot copy the file for such-n-such … Continue reading

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SUSE wins over Fedora/RedHat once again on the desktop domain

I have always been a windows user only for the conpulsions. To play UT (yeah I know we can play it under wine, but its just the way I did it!), to do some work under Visual Studio, to access … Continue reading

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4 years studying IT and a simple networking problem almost bowled us out…

We have an Airtel broadband connection for some months now. But sharing the connection between the roomies was getting difficult. So we got a Netgear wireless router hoping that now I can kill the bandwidth when my mate is playing … Continue reading

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