Darwin says hit and run

Last night, I was coming back from a party at my friends. It was a lonely road so I was little casual. (anyways, my current speed limit is 60kmph…so out of control was really out of question).
Suddenly I saw a pot hole and tried to turn around it and braked a bit. What I failed to do was look in the rear view mirror that there was someone else coming. That guy also responded fine (there was no collision). But he had a lady sitting on the pillion with legs on one side. She lost balance in the act and fell down.
I saw it, stopped and went to help them out. I got her some water. Some inspection of her head revealed that it was a small bump. Though she seemed to be in too much agony for that (anyways, overacting is not part of this post 🙂 )
The guy said that they too were coming from a party and there is a car coming. She can then travel on the car. I really had no hurry so thought that I should stop until the car comes and see them off well.
A couple of minutes later they arrived and the scene didn’t turn out to be anywhere closer to what I expected. The guy (who was on the bike) was talking well until now suddenly started complaining vehemently to his brother about how I was driving. And even before I could get what was happening I was under shower of blows. Well good thing that it didn’t last long.
But post that session they simply asked for money and got all I had in my wallet. And then everyone went their own way as if nothing had happened.

Now, I don’t really care about the blows or the monetary loss. But I don’t think that I would ever be able to stop for helping anyone anymore. Whats the point after all — self salvation? I am better off with couple of bucks and more self-respect left to me.

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2 Responses to Darwin says hit and run

  1. vinod says:

    Definitely a bad experience…Instead, what i will suggest you to do is, help only those who hit by others not by you.

  2. @vinod: doesn’t that has a nice possibility of being a mob setup???

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