India lands a rover on moon

Some 8 years ago, 14 November was just about getting sweets and a holiday. But from now on, thanks to ISRO, this day would also be marked as a major milestone in India’s tryst with Universe beyond Earth.

Although, our country is a little (some 45 years) late in such mission but we have done it. ISRO’s Chadrayaan 1 is the first of its series, carried more than a dozen sensors to observe the geology of Moon. The lunar orbitter dropped MIP on the lunar surface near Moon’s south pole (I wonder what does that mean…do north and south hold true wrt Earth’s north-south even in space??). The MIP was sort of crash landed (planned) on the surface with just a few rockets to reduce its velocity on its waydown.

MIP was painted with Indian tri-color and hence we have something on the Moon which brags for our nation. MIP is now planned to collect data with the dust it blew from its crash and then move on (??? does it have wheels) to search for other data.

This mission is planned to collect a lot of data, most of which I don’t know about. Its also planned to find a suitable place for landing the next rover – Chandrayaan-II planned for 2012 (hmm….4 yrs??)

BTW, on this ocassion Dr. Abdul Kalam said that he wants India to land a man on Moon in 15 years….reminds me of Kennedy‘s promise to US for landing man on moon in a decade. They did it, would we?

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