Relationship and Girlfriends

Disclaimer: My deepest apologies to girls, but I am not trying to be sexist here. The main theme of the post should be equally valid, had the title been Relationship and Boyfriends.

For a fact, I have never been in a relationship ever in my life and I am sure that I have lived more than 25% of my life. The main reason might have been that I was in a catholic school and then joined an engineering college (where sex ratio is amazing).
Anyways, I never had regrets for that and I don’t think it would ever be. Although, I do regret some of the crushes (if thats what they be named) could not be reaped properly.

Of late I had seen that its been getting important for people to get a girlfriend. Its as if that you are big time loser if you can’t even get a girlfriend. Is human relationship getting translated into something to show off? Is it the next upcoming FAD?
I think we should still be able to live a mature and healthy life being single. I know (vicariously although) that relationship is golden and is amazing to be part of, but I still don’t buy the idea of synthetic gold.

The culture is being strengthened more by the pubs as more and more of them make couple entry compulsory. They might have their own business reason to do so (apparently groups of boys get drunk and tend to be more unmanageable as compared to a groups with girls as well). But is that idea not trying to bring somethings artificially into the society?

Anyways, I am not really an expert in sociology. These were just a couple of thoughts about a behavior which I found rather anomalous.

PS: To those who might try to relate. I was thinking to write it down for quite some time. It just so happens that I have done it now!

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2 Responses to Relationship and Girlfriends

  1. Bhaskar Priya says:

    WOW… Someone has gotten some fire out…

  2. @bhaskar: dude I really meant the ‘PS’….this post was long due almost as old as my previous post

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