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Freerunner software structure

For around 2 weeks now, I have not been using my Freerunner and its not because I have started to like my older phone over it, but because I tried zhone+FSO+Debian and now I literally can’t go to Om2008.9. FSO … Continue reading

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Prism – An interesting firefox extension

I think this one would need a synopsis before the real story because some of you might just be interested in the functionality and not how it works. So, Prism is a Firefox extension that allows you to make a … Continue reading

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India lands a rover on moon

Some 8 years ago, 14 November was just about getting sweets and a holiday. But from now on, thanks to ISRO, this day would also be marked as a major milestone in India’s tryst with Universe beyond Earth. Although, our … Continue reading

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Relationship and Girlfriends

Disclaimer: My deepest apologies to girls, but I am not trying to be sexist here. The main theme of the post should be equally valid, had the title been Relationship and Boyfriends. For a fact, I have never been in … Continue reading

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Finally got over with -Samsung C110- Sony Ericsson w830

Prelude: This post was started a year and a half ago when I was shedding off my SamsungC110 but could never be completed. I am revisiting it again now that I have moved on from my Sony Ericsson as well.But … Continue reading

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