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Hmm…the title is basically a misnomer. This post is not about putting one pic in the post. I imagine the whole gallery should be available in the post. Frankly, even I am not sure how the output would be looking in the end.

BTW, the tool that I would be exploiting to do this is SimpleViewer. Its a flash based viewer which keeps info about the pictures in xml files. It also maintains thumbnail version of the pics. The output is (should be…I am yet to see it running) pretty professional. Check out some screenshots here. Live demo can be seen here, here and here.

Actually I had hit upon this software about a year back as well. But as I had mentioned SimpleViewer requires a couple of xml files which are usuallly generated by other softwares. There are loads of them. You can find links to a few of here. I wasn’t interested at all in the desktop solutions at that time. This time around I found WP-SimpleViewer plugin for WordPress. That is when I figured that SimpleViewer needs a shot this time.

OK enough of talk. Lets see how my sample gallery ‘ding’ looks with SimpleViewer:

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  1. To add a note: SimpleViewer not only creates special size version of the pics for thumbnails, it does so for the regular viewing as well. So, one pic in your gallery would have 2 copies (of reduced sized in the SV’s gallery).
    Not that it obviates the need of resizing your a zillions mega-pixel pics, but it certainly does reduce the time to view it. Why do the viewers suffer because the camera is so powerful.

    PS: I am pretty impressed by the simplicity of the whole setup. Almost click and drags.

  2. Sorry for the wrong info in the last comment. SimpleViewer just deals with 2 sizes. thumbnail version and the regular size.
    WP-SimpleViewer plugin is doing a nasty game here. It creats a mid size version and tell SimpleViewer that the mid size version is the original image. It, on the other hand, very cleverly hides the original image’s link in the caption of the image.

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