Another not-so-webby blogging utility

As my last post told about ScribeFire (which is ‘another not-so-webby’ blogging utility), my friend just told me about Windows Live Writer. This is a desktop app for Windows and has an Office app like look-and-feel. At the first it looks pretty decent. But I have my own reservations against MS, so I might not pursue it further. Interested people can go ahead and try it. Frankly speaking MS had not really disappointed me with its Office suite and this should be in the same league.

One good point about the utility is that it supports plugins and there are lots of them available as well.

On the flip side there are a few things and I didn’t like.
It didn’t give me a view of my blog (like my previous posts, etc.). May be the functionality is there (or maybe some plugin does it), but I couldn’t find it in the initial use and it bugged me a lot.
It was a different app and I had to go to the browser quite often (after all blog are web-based). I didn’t like all the alt+tabs I had to do and scribefire’s inherent integration with firefox scores here.

Thats it for now. Although, I won’t be using it, yet would love to know about it. So, feel free to drop comments.

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