Virtual desktop in Windows

Quite often than not people are multi-tasking. Doing that you tend to have a feeling of segregating windows specific to separate tasks. Linux world have the concept of virtual desktop since time immemorial but Mr. Gates still doesn’t look upon it as a decent enough feature.

BTW, just because windows doesn’t have this by default doens’t mean they don’t have API that can’t support this. There are many applications that do just the same. I had tried quite a few of them but this one really is very useful

Virtuawin is a very light weight app that sits on the system tray. You can attach shortcuts to switch to different ‘virtual desktops’. You can have sticky windows (windows that are available on every virtual desktop). Obviously, you can select windows that are shown on a particular desktop. Ohhh! did I forget to mention that its pretty light-weight as well (really managing and showing/hiding windows shouldn’t take much time)

Apart from the obvious’es mentioned above, comes the best part that I like about this app. You don’t need to install it. Simply copy the files at some place. Hit the executable and there you are with virtuawin running.

Btw, if you found this interesting, there are a few more list here.

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