A few cool utilities

Windows resume copy file(s) blues:
Wonder how many time you would have tried copying a LARGE folder and almost when everything is copied Windows shouts a dialog box on your face saying that it cannot copy the file for such-n-such reason.

Copy Handler is a tool which comes at the rescue during these moments. This software hooks itself to the OS and traps when you try to copy something. It then would allow you resume/cancel/retry and even change the paths. The software runs as a systray app and can be downloaded as a zip file. Although, someone has placed an installer version here.

Painful Start->Programs->Tool->Program workflow:
If you are stressed of moving the mouse too much to run some app and think that not all useful apps can be pinned to the start menu then Launchy is the tool for you.
This software runs as a daemon on your system and can be brought to front with some easy(configurable) shortcuts. It indexes your start menu (and any other directory that you can add) for the executable files. It also indexes your bookmarks.
Now simply press the chosen shortcut, type in a few letters (need not be the first few letters) of the app you are trying to run. Launchy would bring in the best one on top (click enter and shoot). Other option are also shown in a dropdown.

Cannot delete file..its locked by some process:
All of us have tried to delete some file/folder which is not deletable as some process has locked it. Install Unlocker and it would popup whenever windows makes such complaint. It would tell you which all process(es) have locked the file/folder you are trying to delete. It would also give you an option to delete it.

Managing 2 comps with single keyboard/mouse:
This seems like a rare workflow, but in case if you fall prey to this then Synergy is your best bet. Synergy is a simple client/server software. Run it as a server on a system which is connected to the keyboard/mouse you are planning to use (say Screen1). Then configure this server instance to specify the names of the other system you are going to handle (synergy refers to them as screens). Next configure the screen placements like Screen1 is on the Screen2’s left (You also need to specify that Screen2 is on the Screen1’s right).
That being done simply run synergy as client on Screen2 (assuming Screen1 has the server instance), specify the name of the server (Screen1).
Thats it, now move your mouse to the left of the left edge of the Screen1. Your mouse would move into the right edge of Screen2 and your keyboard/mouse will start working as if they are connected directly to Screen2.

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  1. catholicon says:

    I forgot to mention Synergy is cross platform ie any of your systems can be either Linux or Mac or Windows. The other utilities are windows only.

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