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Amazing Twirling Tower Could Power Itself and Ten Others – Includes VIDEO

A noob architect decides that he’s obviously the best guy to revolutionize office buildings and, next thing you know, he’s designed a wind-powered rotating skyscraper. While the technical details of the wind-power system are sketchy at best, the architect, David … Continue reading

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Linux: 2.6.22-rc1, You Name It, It’s There

Linus: Architecture updates, drivers, filesystems, networking, security, build scripts, reorganizations, cleanups.You want a new firewire stack? We’ve got it. New wireless networking infrastructure? Check. New infiniband drivers? Digital video drivers? A totally new CPU architecture (blackfin)? Check, check, check. read … Continue reading

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A few cool utilities

Windows resume copy file(s) blues: Wonder how many time you would have tried copying a LARGE folder and almost when everything is copied Windows shouts a dialog box on your face saying that it cannot copy the file for such-n-such … Continue reading

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